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Are you considering a transformative and lucritive career change? Dive into the world of massage therapy with The National Massage Academy, your premier destination for comprehensive massage courses in the UK.

Whether you’re starting afresh, aiming for a career switch, or seeking to enhance your skills, our beginner and advanced massage courses provide the perfect platform to nurture your passion for healing touch.

Beginner Massage Courses


Enrol in our beginner massage courses to kickstart your new career in the wellness industry

Advanced Massage Courses


Take your massage skills to the next level with our advanced courses

Massage Course Bundles


Get a head start in your new career with these combined massage course bundles

We Understand How Business Works

At The National Massage Academy, we recognise that empathy is not only the heart of massage therapy but also a key to financial success.

Our courses are meticulously designed to enhance your empathetic skills, allowing you to forge profound connections with clients. By understanding their specific needs, you’ll deliver personalised healing experiences that not only transform lives but also elevate your earning potential significantly.

Whether you’re just starting out or are already a seasoned practitioner, our training equips you with the expertise to approach every session with genuine compassion and insight, ensuring both your clients’ well-being and your financial gains soar to new heights.

Join us and embark on a journey where empathy not only transforms lives but also leads to lucrative rewards in the flourishing world of massage therapy.

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Featured Courses

Buccal Massage Course


Be one of the first therapists in your area to offer Buccal Massage - a brilliant addition to Natural Face Lifts or as an add on to body work.

A favourite with celebrities due to the releasing of the TMJ muscles and sculpting effect it has on the face, this massage is gaining traction in the UK.


Brazilian Wood Sculpting Massage Course


Be one of the first therapists in your area to offer this body sculpting course, which is revolutionising the massage industry!

Brazilian Wood Therapy (Mesotherapy) uses wooden tools to stimulate and drain the body of excess lymph, water and help to break down cellulite.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Post - Operative) Course


This is a massively sought after treatment which is suggested after surgery, to help encourage healing, lessen the chances of developing fibrosis and seromas,  as well as remove stagnant lymph.


Who will be teaching me?

Your tutor will be Sophie Whiffen MICHT, IIHHT, VTCT, ATL who has 20 years hands-on and teaching experience. You can see her company website here.

Sophie has built 2 succesful massage businesses, working in both Cambridge and London, as well as having vast experience in working as a mobile therapist, in corporate settings as well her own studio.

You can read more about Sophie here.

What qualifications will I gain?

At the end of your course, you will be presented with a certificate which you can gain full insurance with. We recommend Towergate insurance company.

Do I need to bring a model with me?

We believe it's imperitive you get to experience the treatments yourself, so throughout the course you will practice on fellow students, and be practiced on yourself!

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Everything you need on the course will be provided for you. It's a good idea to bring a pen and notebook, or iPad / laptop if you prefer to take notes electronically. Any equipment you will need after you have completed your course, will be explained to you on the day.

Are your courses Level 3?

Our courses are not Level 3 - for this you will need to gain a VTCT or ITEC qualification, which is much more expensive, and the courses are far longer.

What is the benefit of gaining a Level 3 qualification?

There are pros and cons for gaining a Level 3 qualification such as VTCT or ITEC. They are more expensive and time consuming, and are seen as a more academic entry into the industry.

However, they are not a legal requirement to practice massage therapy, and you can gain full insurance without a Level 3 qualification. However, you may not be able to gain a professinal membership without a Level 3 qualification - this is something which you might need to consider if your local council requires you to have one if working from home. You must check yourself, as each council differs.

However, with our qualifications you are able to gain insurance and start your own business right away - the beauty with our courses is they cover the business aspect which Level 3 courses do not.

How old do I need to be to attend a course?

For insurance purposes, you will need to be 18 to attend our courses.

What if an emergency comes up and I can't attend?

If an emergency arises on the day of your course or you are ill, we require you to contact the academy before your course starts at the earliest convenience. If there is a fair reason for non-attendance, we will endevour to put you on the next course.