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Are you passionate about massage therapy and eager to transform your enthusiasm into a profitable career?



Look no further than the exclusive training courses offered at The National Massage Academy.

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Which Type Of Course Are You Looking For?

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Beginner Massage Courses

These courses are for absolute beginners or those starting out in their career. No previous experience or certification is needed, and all courses are fully insurable.

Hot Stone Massage Course

Advanced Massage Courses

Take your basic skills to the next level with these advanced and specialised courses. You will need prior knowledge and experience to attend.

Featured Courses

Buccal Massage Course


Be one of the first therapists in your area to offer Buccal Massage - a brilliant addition to Natural Face Lifts or as an add on to body work.

A favourite with celebrities due to the releasing of the TMJ muscles and sculpting effect it has on the face, this massage is gaining traction in the UK.


Brazilian Wood Sculpting Massage Course


Be one of the first therapists in your area to offer this body sculpting course, which is revolutionising the massage industry!

Brazilian Wood Therapy (Mesotherapy) uses wooden tools to stimulate and drain the body of excess lymph, water and help to break down cellulite.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Post - Operative) Course


This is a massively sought after treatment which is suggested after surgery, to help encourage healing, lessen the chances of developing fibrosis and seromas,  as well as remove stagnant lymph.

Why Train With Us?

We go beyond the basics. With two decades of industry experience, we are here to mentor and guide you on your journey to becoming a skilled, successful and compassionate massage therapist.

Our comprehensive curriculum, crafted from practical insights and in-depth knowledge, ensures you receive the highest quality education.

What Sets Our Training Apart?

Hands-On Experience:

Gain practical, hands-on experience from day one. Our training emphasises real-world application, allowing you to develop confidence and proficiency in various massage techniques.

Personalised Guidance:

Benefit from personalised guidance tailored to your learning pace and style. Our small class sizes ensure individual attention, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Industry Insights:

Learn from a seasoned expert who has worked with royalty and A-list clients. Acquire industry insights and valuable tips that go beyond textbooks, preparing you for a successful career in massage therapy.

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